Terraria - Rise of the Beast


And the great beast rose from its slumber, ready to take on the world again, but so to are those who stopped it.

Terraria has always been one of the favorites of The Sentinel Alliance (I cite the fact that most TSA Core members have at least over 100 hours playtime) which is one of the reason that this will be the second event in the TSA weekly events. This event will not be more free style than the Gmod one and will not have any sort of challenge, however we will be having regular fights vs 100+ Eyes of Cthulhu in space (and fighting 100+ Eyes of Cthulhu in space is something every person must at some point in their life try).

[size=x-large]VIP Group:[/size]
There are house, sign and chest protection systems in this server however to prevent abuse you must post a reply to this thread with your Terraria character name and I will add you to the group that can use them. You will also stand out from the crowd with lovely [color=#FFD700]gold[/color] colored in-game chat messages.

[size=x-large]How to join the server:[/size]
[]Have or buy Terraria on Steam
]Create a character in Terraria
[]Join at this address: ded.thesentinelalliance.net
]Register with /register password (replace password with your login password)
[]Login with /login yourpassword (this should log you in permanently on that character)
]Enjoy (note that you character inventory will be seperate from your single player one, so you can’t bring any items over from previous play)
[]Remember to exit the server by pressing escape and selecting “Save & Exit” or you may lose items you got less than one minute ago.[/list]
[size=x-large]Commands: (house/chest protection commands can only be used by VIPs)[/size]
]/spawn - Teleport back to spawn
[]/warp [warp name] - Teleport to a set warp
]/ccset - Cancel selecting a chest to protect
[]/cset -Protect a chest for yourself
]/cunset -Un-protect a chest
[]/clock [password] - Locks a chest using a password.
]/cunlock - Give yourself access to a locked chest with a password. Use “remove” as the password to remove password lock.
[]/cpset - toggle making chests public
]/house set [1,2] - Aim at the bottom-left and top-right to select an area to protect for your house
[]/house clear - Clear
]/house add [name] - Create a house using the area specified by the previous command
[]/house redefine [name] - Changes the size of an already set house
]/house allow [username] [housename] - Add a house owner
[]/house disallow [username] [housename] - Remove a house owner
]/house info - Give you info about a house you are standing in
[]/house lock [name] - Locks a house, no trespassers will be allowed to enter. Do not do while somebody else is inside the house, you might put them into infinite teleport loop.
]/house addvisitor [username] [housename] - Allows [username] to enter your locked house [housename].
[]/house delvisitor [username] [housename] - Deletes [username] from [housename]'s owners
]/warp right - Right side of the map
[]/warp left - Left side of the map
]/warp ice - Warp to ice cave base (currently under reconstruction)
[]/warp items - Item chests from before the world reset
]/spawn - Tp to spawn


Char name: XMB The Berserker


Sexy McSex is my character name


Char name: DeadEye


[size=large]What happened:[/size]
At some time last night for some reason currently unknown to me the map reset it’s self back to before we built anything. I have tried lots of things as as far as I can see I can’t recover the map:
[]Server logs don’t show any error.
]Program runtime logs don’t show any error.
[]Server backup system for some reason only shows backups of the map before we built anything.
]Checks for deleted files shows that no map files were either deleted or recoverable from before this disaster.
[size=large]What we lost:[/size]
[]All of the structures that we built (ice cave, the vault, spawn house, sky bridge, etc).
[size=large]What we didn’t lose:[/size]
]Our Inventories - Thanks to server side inventories all items the players had on their person are stored in a different file to the main world one and will still be there.
[]Our Items - Thanks to the chest protection plugin all chest item data was stored in a separate file and can be recovered with all items intact.
[size=large]Precautions I have taken to make sure this never happens again:[/size]
]I have verified that server backups are actually working now and should be backing up the server hourly.
[]I will manually take a copy of the world data using Terraria’s WorldEdit plugin daily for the next few days.
]I have setup an external script to backup all server/world files daily.
[*]I will copy all server files to my computer daily for the next few days.
[size=large]Moving forward:[/size]
It’s awful that this happened but it could have been much worse. If this had happened later on before we were able to make precautions (as stated above) we would have lost a lot more for example. There’s not much more I can do to help except from getting us back some of the building resources we used. However on the bright side: we have a new world filled back up with ores to mine again and we can try and build things even better now then we did before.


I started rebuilding the ice base last night from nothing but an accidentally taken screenshot, so far I think it’s going quite well.


Awww! Sammy!
D’at’s so coooooool!!!
Thank you Sam-wise :3


My name is Frank Trebilcock, and I would be most interested in participating in this should I not be away doing NCS.


I’m on terraria! names ReturnOfLemonSausage


First time playing terraria and loving it on this server!!!


Just a notice to you all, we have officially entered Terraria’s hardmode as of a few days ago!


Here is the rather amazing current Terraria world map on the server: