Community Chatroom: Info & How to Join


We’ve been using it for staff communication for several months now and after some discussion we’ve decided to open a public community room.

What is is a free and open source group chat client built on the federated Matrix protocol. It can be easily accessed either over a browser or through several desktop/phone apps.

What to use for: is intended as a text only chat room, its not a replacement for everything.

For voice chat:

  • Use Teamspeak - We’re back.

For permanent long form posts:

  • Use our forums - They’re modern, secure and self hosted.

For chat, short form discussion and contacting staff quickly:

  • Use - Its fast, free, available on every platform and open source.

How to Join:

  1. Download the client
  2. Search the room directory for: The Sentinel Alliance
  3. Join the The Sentinel Alliance -

Or just join through the browser here

[Public] StarMade Server