(BETA) Feedback and ideas for Zoreg minecraft server


Modpack Update 0.6.0

The modpack and server have been updated, here are the changes:

  • Added JourneyMap minimap.
  • Added Forbidden Magic.
  • Added Blood Magic.
  • Added Better Builder’s Wands.
  • Added Grimoire of Gaia 3
  • Removed Antique Atlas.
  • Removed MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod.
  • Removed Silverfish in the Nether.
  • Disabled CustomNPC extra inventory tabs (though the other inventory tabs still seem a little bugged).
  • Disabled Demonic Soulstone crafting + some other Lycanites Mobs items.
  • Disabled some Lycanites mobs world gen stuff.
  • Disabled bees in the nether.
  • Decreased hunger rate from 130 to 80.

Server plugins (like factions, essentials, etc) will also be coming soon™


donno if its just me but i can’t get in on the server


Are you sure you’re running version 0.6.0? It wasn’t set as default before so it might not have asked you to update.

Try restarting your Technic Launcher to update or manually change to version 0.6.0 under modpack options.


i did this and it worked and the new mobs really makes the game intense as fuck. I love it
the amount of lethal mobs are now perfect its better to avoid enemies at times.


so far the only problem i have seen is that the Valkyrie spawns a bit to much in my opinion its such a beastly mob that it should be a bit rare like the ender man or something. if possible.


I’ve just cut the Valkyrie spawn rate down by half, it will take effect in the next update.


Everytime i try to join the server, it has a fatal error and doesnt load, i’ll appear in the world for a split second, then it dies, but just kicks from server, not crash the game, any ideas?

EDIT: no longer matters, ive somehow got it to work


So… is the whole “not respawning in your bed” thing intentional or is it a bug? Because it’s REALLY annoying with the Grimoire of Gaia mod.

Also, I would like to request a mod:


The “not respawning in your bed” thing is a bug, I’ll look into it soon.

Botania is a great mod however it does kinda fall on the techy side of things, then again it stays away from the pipes and modern devices that things like Buildcraft have so we will consider it.

Example of Botania Machine:


Mod recommendation:
-Chisel and bits

Just because the server’s hard, doesn’t mean things can’t look good.


Bug report:

[Towny] Not allowed to switch in the wild.
[Towny] Not allowed to destroy in the wild.

I’m currently locked out of all of my chests and I was locked in a vilage house until a villager freed me. This is worrying, because I have no tools on me and no food.


Looks great, unfortunately the mod doesn’t support version 1.7.10 and the author doesn’t see likely to backport it.

Sorry about that, was previously setting up some of the plugins in preparation for the release/next beta Soon™ and something was incorrectly configured, should be fixed now.


So… are we ever gonna update the server to like… 1.9 or something?


Rant Warning

You may not have noticed it but Minecraft modding has been in a very bad state, especially since 1.8, mostly thanks to Mojang and Microsoft. Updating to anything past Minecraft 1.7.10 may not be possible for quite a while, possibly never, same goes to almost every other medium/large modpack.

Mojang had been promising a modding API since 2011, a system that could replace Forge (the fan made mod API) and take away the huge amount of work that both the Forge team and the modders spent updating to the next Minecraft version. They have failed to make any progress on that mod API at all, in fact they’ve failed in almost every effort to support modding despite benefiting from it massively.

Straw that broke the camels back: 1.8

With all of those problems and more in mind it was only a matter of time before something went even more wrong, that something was the 1.8 update. The 1.8 update introduced massive backend changes to the Minecraft, changes that meant any modder updating from the previous 1.7.10 version had an even more massive amount of work to do.

At this point most modders just gave up. It could have been avoided if Mojang finished the mod API. It could have been avoided if Mojang communicated better with their modding community. It could have been avoided if they adapted the update to hurt modders less. But none of those things happened.

Going off MCF Modlist statistics the number of available mods has dropped from 1239 for version 1.7.10 to 431 for version 1.8 then to an even more disappointing 23 for version 1.9. Most of those 431 not even being the most popular mods.

If we updated to 1.9 we’d lose almost all of our mods, the weather, the mobs, the tools, the terrain generation, etc, etc and would gain nearly nothing. Even updating to 1.8 would have us lose quite a bit for very little benefit.

TL;DR: Mojang is bad at supporting modders and as a result both 1.8 and 1.9 have barely any mods, not really enough to make a modpack like ours (see graph).


Bug report:

Beds still don’t work. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but it’s really annoying.


Ok, now the whole modpack is broken.

It tells me to update, but when I click yes, it says the download URL is invalid. I tried deleting the modpack to reinstall it, but it still says the download URL is invalid.


Should be fixed now.

The download server went down for a little while, the Technic Launcher may have defaulted to an incorrect version. Just restart it and make sure you’re running version 0.6.0


It’s not working, it tells me that it fails to download Journeymap.